Low-Poly Map, I made for a Demon Slayer Game

Heelo! Im Cool900s, A moderate scripter of my game, a modeler and a terrain maker??!
well not really, I’m still trying to learn more things during quarantine such as lua coding, and some builds, modeling and more. Here’s my Latest map Commision.

I Named it “Spring”, The theme would probably change if the one who hired me. I selected Spring because I just like on how spring is the most beautiful time in the year after an cold winter. Enough Talking here’s my map.

https://youtu.be/C7m1E_jLDUg or

(Im still going to make the tutorial for the plugin I used, and yes its still WIP and also still adding trees on it.)


awesome map! but i cant tell if those are trees or placeholders (they look more like random dots on the map), i think it’d look really cool if you have larger and more trees around the map since its all grass area

Those are called nodes, its basically the part/point where the triangles meet up!


Are you talking about the anime called Demon Slayer? Maybe you should add wisteria trees.
(btw nice map :wink:)

thanks! Never heard of westeria but ill look into it!

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Looking nice. Just confused with why there are those spots spread around…
And damn your studio runs hella smooth ;-; (jealousy intensifies xD)

Those are nodes! Those are where the tris, or geometry intersects. These make the lowpoly terrain!

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Ik about that but hey, how did u put nodes in studio? I thought they are visible only in blender…
is there a way to get nodes in studio itself?

No, I used a plugin! Atrazines terrain pluhin.

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