Low Poly map I made! Philly Islands!

Hello! I’m cool900s or Foxyth_Dev#6702 on discord. I made this so I can maybe sell it, I’ve already sold one (I’m only selling 2) Through an auction.


This looks awesome, but you’re not allowed to ask for prices. Very nice design though!


Wonderful! I love low poly designed stuff. Good job! :heart:

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Thanks! I’m planning to work on more!

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Yes, that would be brilliant. Let me know when you make more and I’ll come and check them out. :slight_smile:

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Looks good could use vegetation and such… asking for prices on devforum isn’t allowed— perhaps set a price you believe is fair based on the time you’ve spent on it and how it looks and sell it on hidden dev and you can negotiate prices :slight_smile:

Alright, i think im going to pair this with my tree pack that i also made in blender. And sorry, I didn’t know that it wasn’t allowed :sweat_smile:. Thanks Tho!

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