Low Poly Medieval Shop I made

Hello! I am SergeantCel, and I made this for a group I am starting. It is a little shop with this texture for the roof Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!. Feedback is appreciated!

Here are some images!

P.S - If you have a script for “give item on dialog”, please share it if it’s open!


I don’t think you understand what Lowpoly is, plus it doesn’t even look like a shop.

If you’re going to a Lowpoly build then at least include smoothplastic, the shop looks bland and theres 0 detail on it, the bars on the edges do not even allign with the roof and it all looks effortless,

Add money signs, weapons, bags of gold, a register, a sign, carpet, for it to at the very least look like a shop


It isn’t really “low-poly” it just looks very simple and basic to me.


To be honestly speaking, it doesn’t even look like a low poly build to me. If you’re going for low poly, just as what @Vernlage said, change the material into smoothplastic, basically low on details but more on the build itself

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Looks good. I wouldn’t say it’s completely matching the medieval theme you are going for. This is my opinion. I’d suggest using more detail and look at some references on the style you would like to go for.

I agree with @Vernlage that this shop you’ve created does not look like a low-poly shop either.

Overall, it looks nice, but there really isn’t much to it and the style/theme you are going for, I don’t think you are matching it just yet.

Doing some more work with this build you’ve created will make it look better and you may be able to create the style/theme you are wanting.

Here’s some examples of low-poly medieval builds (not created by me):




It’s completely up to you on how complex you would like to build your shop. It could be simple as the last image I showed above as references.

Nice work so far on your shop build though. :ok_hand:

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