Low-Poly Model

6QL4 here.

I thought I would start making some simple designs and start posting some more on the devoforums and twitter.

Thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading by!

In my opinion, It’s too symmetrical and I can only see windows. How about adding a door and switching up the places of the windows.


One thing that bothers me about this is the color scheme that you used for your build. I just don’t think purple and orange go well together (this is my personal opinion). It is also really bland and is the same throughout the entire build. Maybe add more detail around the windows such as white streaks across them (since your going for a low poly style) and add a door on one side on the building. Other than that it looks nice!

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Honestly, this looks pretty bland, for a low-poly model. It needs lots of improvements.

1: The color scheme is unoriginal. Since this seems like brick, I would suggest beige or maroon.
2: The bricks on the edge of the building are spaced too far apart. They need to be grouped closer, to represent actual bricks.
3: You may want to widen the roof on the top of it, and you could also add air conditioning units, etc, to the top.
4: Add a door somewhere, lol.
5: Make some of the windows neon, and the others not. This would give an effect that some people are in the apartments, and some are not.
6: I would add accessories such as plants hanging off the edge of the windows.

Other than that, the design would be okay, for a low-poly theme.


The building kind of lack’s shape. I would add more shape into it like wider parts on the tower. And I agree that there’s no doors to this. But I guess this is nice!


I was on my phone at the time, it was hard to reply. Anyways, thanks for the feedback! I will try adding them and send a updated pic.

I am not sure, but, the colors don’t look too bad? Do you mind giving me some color matching list?

Alright, thanks for the feedback. I think aesthetic is the trend at the time, haha.

This picture should help you:

(Choose one color and see what is across from it).

It gives you matching colors that look good.

Thanks so much! So, the color frames are basically matching colors.