Low-Poly modeler and builder

About me

I’m 19 years old and iv been modeling/ building for 4 years.

I mainly like to build maps in low-mid poly but I can also make assets like guns, cars etc. Just message me and ill let you know if I can do it.

Some games I have worked on

🍄 Ore Mining Simulator - Roblox
[FIXING] The Scorch - Roblox
Bean Blast [BETA] - Roblox
🧟 Zombie Killing Simulator - Roblox
🔥x10 EVENT🔥 Tapping Legacy - Roblox


UGC Modular Armor



Blender models


You can contact me here or on discord at justinl#9773


Love your blender builds!! 30c

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He is a really good 3D Modeller.
He made some models for my upcoming game DOCTORS [BETA]
He also works for cheap prices.

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Commissioned Justin for two builds which he completed in a very timely manner and with a great end result. He’s also very communicative, which is a massive plus for anyone who commissions him.

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Your discord tag doesn’t work, could you try adding me turtle;#3640?

I am interested, my tag is Yellowbattle#1739