Low poly modeler for hire

About Me

Hi I am wateris_todrink I have bin modeling for 2 years and have some experience with modeling, I mostly enjoy making low poly models that look cartoony. I model stuff pretty quick and I try and give the best quality work as possible. Almost all the people I have worked with really like what I do. If you’d like to hire me my discord is that1africandude#0001. I do short term work.Have a good day :slight_smile:


https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/734476524417187871/828642753072070706/RobloxScreenShot20210405_074750029.png?width=908&height=427 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/734476524417187871/828642778018873375/RobloxScreenShot20210405_074757004.png?width=908&height=427 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/734476524417187871/828642783912788058/RobloxScreenShot20210405_074819662.png?width=908&height=427



I am available basically everyday, the only thing that will be stopping me is school, homework, and other commissions. Other then that I am basically active every single day.


Prices are negotiable, I take typically 5k-10k robux for work. I require people to also do half pay so I know I can trust the person who commissioned me. For quick work with only 10 models I take 2k-4k


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord: that1africandude#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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