Low Poly Mountian

Neat Low Poly Mountian I made in blender

This is the first mountain I’ve ever made. It’s not to scale but looks nice I think.

Any tips to improve? Also, I just realized that the top grass is the same color as the ground.


I feel like this is a little too basic to ask for feedback, maybe you should add something else(trees, houses, plants, rivers, etc.)


hmmm how to say this… the top a looks a bit off and is the other surroundings part of it like the grass? cause if so it looks like grass spreading onto the mountain xd

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Like what @Lava_shield said you should add more things to the mountain like trees, rivers and etc, Add more designs to the mountain to make it look more alive

This is the first piece of terrain ive ever made. Im trying to keep it simple. As you can tell by my tag, i mostly do programming. Im not much of a builder

its good for a start however I think the top of the mountain seems more separate from the rest

how would i make it look like it not just air dropped on? It was by the way. I used a cloth sim

it kind of looks like a weird hill then a mountain. you need more shrubbery, trees, peakiness, hills, etc. im not a modelling expert, but some polies here just kind of look weird and your ground to mountain contrast and blend is unnatural

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