Low Poly Nature Assets [ Feedback and Suggestions ]

Hey, im Candelz, a low poly builder, in love with low poly nature.
I made some assets and I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback, and maybe suggest what assets I could add.
Anyways thank you for your time and have a Beautiful Day!

(Made them all in 1 hour)


Woah! That is really good! Keep up the good work. You can try add mushrooms


I would add Bushes, Plants, Water-Tower and a Watch-Tower.


The Low-Poly assets brings a nice touch! I really liked the style that brings a smooth look, and it really fits! You should try adding more nature assets like the vines, flowers and mushrooms. It’ll be such an amazing suggestion! :+1:

Keep up the amazing work! :happy3:


Wow It looks amazing!

It would be cool to see what a log cabin would look like (although it’s not really a nature asset) if you made one!

I also think this would be very cool too


I love this! Great work, keep it up!

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Hey, is there any way I could contact you?

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Very well done Low Poly style, i think you absolutely nailed the style perfectly. Keep up the great work :grin:

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Thx i rly appreciate it. 30 Char

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Yeah, thanks a lot for the feedback, i will try to do something like a cabin soon.

Every single asset is very well made, it also gives me a very peaceful vibe from just looking at them. The lighting you have in-game also makes the assets come out looking very nice. You should add maybe a dead tree, a branch, different looking bushes, etc.

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thx, i will make some more plants, but thx alot :slight_smile:

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There are some bushes, the 3 green things in the front haha, but i will try to do the water tower and watch tower.

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Thx, i was going for that peaceful style, and i already have some dead tree’s, just didn’t showed them yet :eyes: , but thx a lot, the positiv helpes ,me out ALOT.

This pack looks really nice! Things you could do is try to curve the trunk of the 2 evergreen trees? Or possibly add branches to the bottom of it. I do believe you could possibly improve the rocks, by using bisect to detail it a bit more. Overall, you did a great job! Adding extra assets, like mushrooms, flowers, etc. could be great!

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Your little nature pack assets are very amazing, they look very well made and I really like the detailed assets and the nice style you’re trying to go for. Overall I would really add different shapes and sizes of trees, plants, and rocks, just to give your assets more detail to it as well since your making different environment objects I would add some weeds, rocks covered with moss, lilies, wood ferns, Orchids, flowers, cattail plants, piled logs, ect.

Anyways, you’ve done a great job creating your nature assets hoping to see the extra ones you plan on adding soon!

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i see this a lot in peoples builds and stuff and it’s the baseplate. how do u change it from the regular one to something that u have. also amazing work keep it up👌

its a checker texture, and thx

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They look good! Maybe try to make the tree stump asset a little more flat*, unless it’s supposed to look like that.
*What I’m talking about:
download-17 (Flat)
Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 5.09.59 pm (Not Flat)

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