Low Poly Neighborhood

Art style I always enjoy in almost all games is the low poly and simple design of things. Think this looks good so far? Or do you think it needs more?

All different types of feedback is welcomed.


It is looking great! The only suggestion I would recommend is adding various types of trees and more detail in the houses. But it’s looking good so far. Hope this helped and have a nice day. :+1:


For something low poly, this looks great! I would recommend maybe spacing things out a little more. Some things look a bit crowded (especially the trees) so maybe try making them a bit more scarce. Other than that, I love it!

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Firstly, the empty areas around the houses should be filled in placing variation into the trees would have a more welcoming neighborhood feel.

I just feel like the house structure seems the same perhaps throw smaller props in the back of it play set, sandbox, pool children items ect.

Regardless, your going for a simplistic design what I’m assuming. The trees in your place altogether unrealistic try creating 3 or 4 variety of them (you’ll see neighborhood feature a forest in the background) depending on what location features a simplistic structure, at all in the the builds look good just little props we missing.

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This is a nice start, but one thing is clear, and that is there’s currently a lack of variation within the build as a whole, from the types of houses, to the trees, fences and grass.

For a start, try to build a couple more house types just to vary up the style. I understand if you’re building a suburban setting, but pretty much every house looks very similar which isn’t the most eye-catching thing in the world. I would also try to vary up the trees instead of rotating the whole thing, perhaps try changing up the colours of the leaves and the position of those same leaves as well.

Also, there’s a lack of a focus point within this build. A fishing lake or something would look really nice in this sort of setting, but it could even be something not as natural, such as a skatepark or a shop. It just has to be something to provide more variety in the scene. I would suggest trying to add in some more natural features, such as some grass, rocks and whatever else you can think of just to make it look slightly more realistic.

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