Low-Poly Pirate Ship Model


I just finished modelling this low poly pirate ship and was hoping to receive some feedback, constrictive criticism will be really helpful! For reference, this took me 3 hours & 30 minutes to complete.

If you want to check it out, go to My Builds , this game has all my previous work as well!


I love the design and the whole look of it, but I think that you should add a bit more scratches and damage onto the ship, to make it look a bit more realistic (if that’s what you’re aiming for) you could even add some barnacles onto the bottom of the ship, and if there are some ropes coming from the sails that would look great! :+1:


Thank you! those are some great ideas, I didn’t think of adding scratches, I will update it soon :slight_smile:


The ship looks well made and the model looks very clean and well done. I like to point out the wooden planks on the ship which makes the ship look like its been damaged before. The ship clearly looks like a pirate ship because of the skull and cross.

Here are some questions I would like to ask

  • How much tris does the model have?

  • Can you show a picture of the model in wireframe? This way we could see how you manage your polygons

  • Are there any overlapping parts?

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Thank you! and for your information there is 8,158 Tris, I have dropped down the wireframe pictures below and for the overlapping parts, do you mean parts that intersect each other? There are some cases of that yes though it is hidden inside and can’t be seen unless I am supposed to do something about it?

Here are the wireframe pictures

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Very sorry for the late reply on this question. Yes that is the correct meaning of “overlapping parts” and the problem with overlapping parts is sometimes it makes the model glitchy and ugly, it also creates more un-needed polygons which will make changing the model even harder and a headache and probably make the game lag I don’t know.

I will now show an example of this problem. Here is a simple cube. See a problem with it?

The problem because it looks like a cube with normal 12 tris but nope, it has 52. That is because of overlapping faces. If I were to try and change this cube by editing it than it would be hard to do. It’s just better to get rid of overlapping faces.

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