Low-Poly Sci-Fi Map

Hello there!
I made a low poly Sci-Fi Map in roblox/blender today. it took 2 hours and 15 minutes (initial feedback changes + 7 minutes with reused buildings -3 minutes raising the total time to 2 hours and 20 minutes). please can i have some feedback?

NOTE: Im gonna clear this of now. this map was not stolen from @Natalie_Clabo. it was inspired. here is the difference.

My Map:

Natalies: (sorry for the small image)


Wow, not gonna lie its awesome. Keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:


THIS IS AMAZING!!! You’re doing a phenomenal job, keep it up!

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looks awesome, however I dont really like how you copy and pasted the same tree over and over again. Maybe make different looking trees with slight differences.

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You sure this was made in 2 hours?! This looks like it was made way longer than that… just look at this amazing detail you have!

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i made a few changes from feedback. raising it to 2 hours and 22 minutes. probably should change that now!

i tried to make some vairation but it got a little bit boring. ill do it later tho.
thanks for the feedback!

i also reused the buildings from last week.

Well, this is a really good work!
Did you use Studio or Blender to make your models?

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i used blender and studio. mainly blender

This might be flagged but am just going to say this right now am not attacking you @ScxiptedShark but this map looks soo similar to Natalie Clabo’s from this video: MAKING A SCI-FI SIMULATOR MAP! (2020) | Roblox + Blender - YouTube. Correct me if am wrong.


i had inspiration from that video. nothing was copied. its okay i understand if you think that. i agree. nothing was copied just inspired.

Everything looks so similar thou, am still trying to spot out the difference

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this map was not stolen, it had a lot of inspiration. i agree with you thinking its copied. but its not.

Ok, I hope ur right, anways if u did make that map and its not copied then u did a pretty gud job, but the trees look basic use a different variation

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yea i was a bit lazy with the trees.