Low Poly Sea Shack Model

Hello hello everyone! Made a low poly sea shack in Blender (thanks Grant Abbitt) and exported it to Roblox Studio :slight_smile: Please let me know what you think of the model, as well as the colours chosen and the lighting!

Tiny update of the colours:


only thing I would improve on is the colors, and more specifically the contrast
everything is bright and begging for your attention, so the wood should be darker because its a majority of the piece and is therefore more like a background
and the smaller things like the trinkets and decorations should keep the same relatively bright color since it would catch the viewers attention and gives you a nice place to rest your eyes

(a clearly defined color scheme would be great too!!!)


Changed up some of the planks and beams to a darker colour! I tried to stick with brown variants and some pink accents, although Iā€™m not really sure how to define the scheme more :confused:

color is pretty hard, I get your struggle :pensive: