Low Poly Terrain Creator adding secret scripts? (Edit: Roblox Studio gives "Buy Shirt Prompt" even on a fresh file)

Are you able to send a video of the problem?

I can’t whenever I try to upload the video the devforum says there’s an error. Here’s a download link. Fastupload.io — Download — Baseplate - Roblox Studio 2022-10-02 19-16-17.mp4 If you don’t want to download we can try finding an alternate way

Are you able to send a Screenshot?


Check your camera, im pretty sure there should be nothing in there

The camera had some models with nothing inside with the name containing “buildV4”, which is one of the plugins I have. I disabled it, restarted Studio, and tested but it still shows up.

Reinstall Studio, or maybe delete the stuff inside the camera?

Reinstalled and disabled plugin. SOMEHOW it still gives me the prompt. Should I try messaging Roblox Support?

I might have a solution, but to make sure, are you using Windows?


Sorry for my spelling errors, im on mobile.

His screenshots show Windows titlebars and stuff so yes he is on Windows.

Yes, I’m using Windows.

dont tell me he has to factory reset his PC

@mouseyispro Just making sure dude

Anyway here is a solution:

  1. Go to Search, Type in “Registry Editor”

  2. Go through HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Roblox and HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ROBLOX Corporation, Delete Everything related to Studio on there

  3. Delete Anything related to Roblox Studio on your Computer
    This includes C:/Users/YourUser/AppData/Roblox
    and C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox

After doing this, delete all files related to Roblox Studio on your computer, deleting Roblox Studio in your Registry Editor pretty much wipes the memory of your computer having the application.

@aaron043higuys Also using this method, don’t delete anything else or your whole PC might get destroyed.

Wait, if I have to delete all files related to Roblox Studio, do I have to get rid of some of game files?

I don’t think Roblox Player is also affected.

Im not sure, just delete the applications and Stuff related to it, keep the files

No, I mean .rbxl files, where I just saved games I was working on Studio to my computer

Are the rbxl files important to you?