Low Poly Terrain Creator adding secret scripts? (Edit: Roblox Studio gives "Buy Shirt Prompt" even on a fresh file)

Sorry if this doesn’t fit this section of the forum. I thought this would fit the best.

Some of you may use the plugin “Low Poly Terrain Creator”. Like the name, you create low poly terrain.

I came back from Roblox Studio today and used this. For some reason, after using the plugin, and starting the game, the game would randomly make you buy a shirt. If you click cancel, after a few seconds, it would pop up again.

I’m pretty sure I’m using the real version. Just in case, here’s the link: Low Poly Terrain Creator [MAJOR UPDATE] - Roblox

Also, I downloaded the updated version. Can anyone help me/send a guide on how to use the new version? :sweat_smile:

Can you show a video? I don’t have the plugin so kind of hard to understand.

Here you go. https://fastupload.io/en/dlFXvT8PIepcgnB/file
Recording Software is kinda broken so sorry

there was a problem with uploading the file directly to the forum. If you don’t want to download, we can try finding another way.

while you’re testing, press CTRL + SHIFT + F and look for things like:

  • getfenv
  • Purchase
  • Marketplace
  • Service
  • Prompt
  • require

It showed results for service and require, but its for scripts that handle the character movement, camera, chat, etc

Try disabling the Plugin, and let me know if there are still problems

Also, look in explorer for “Script” and see if there are any where it shouldn’t

Or look for an antivirus plugin (such as GameGuard)

How do I disable a plugin? Is it the on/off switch in the “Manage Plugins” tab?

Yes, sure

hello im NiGHTMare

Turned off the switch, but now I can’t find it in the plugins tab.

I think I should just undownload it. Just caused a lot of trouble and got more complicated to use.

That is supposed to happen, as it disabled the plugin

Look for scripts that contain a variable for “MarketplaceService” and see if there is a “PromptPurchase” Function is being called

Here is an Example: (very bad ik, but it does bring the point)

Hope This Helps!

Yea, funny thing. There are literally 0 scripts in the game and it keeps popping up. I even uninstalled the plugin and it still happens?

That shouldnt happen, there has to be something that is Prompting the Gamepass, unless you have gave a plugin access to your scripts

That might be the problem, you can get scripts from Asset ID’s to work on your game, usually module scripts

What do you mean?

Also, I started up a brand new studio file and just tested to see if it would still happen, and it does. Didn’t even touch anything.

Then it might be the plugin thats causing the issue, it may be calling a script to send a purchase prompt

I uninstalled the plugin though.