Low Poly Tree - Feedback Needed

I’m working on a map that’s essentially a mix of semi-realism and low poly design. When I began working on the trees, though, I’m completely stumped - I think I did a good job with the trunk/branches (made in Blender), but I can’t get the leaves right.

This design isn’t exactly what I was going for, and I can’t get the proportions right; but this is what I have so far:

I’m mainly looking for suggestions for how I can make the leaves look better (especially when compared to the rest of the tree), but I’m open to any and all feedback.


You should put leaves to the other branches too, other than that, it looks good enough.

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Thanks. I’ll add some leaves to the lower branches, but the proportions are a big issue for me. Any suggestions for how to deal with that?

It’s really good looking, I loved the way you made those branches!

Here are some of my tips you could use:

  • Scaling the lower part of the trunk.
  • Add more leaves on the other branches.
  • Thicken the base of the upper branches.

In terms of making a better looking leaves, it all really matters for what style you’re going for. The proportional tool on blender (if you’re using blender) is pretty helpful to create unique shapes for leaves, you could also use it on the branches for a nice curvature.

Other than that you’re good to go!


Thanks! I used curves in Blender for the branches, then a simple ico sphere for the leaves before importing it into Studio - I’ll look into making the leaves in Blender, because that seems like it’ll yield better results.

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What if you made individual leaves in blender to make it feel more bushy?

I tried doing something like that, but it didn’t turn out well. It sounds like a good idea, but I wasn’t able to get it right.

Not like anything ultra-realistic but maybe little thin ovals on the branches.

I could try that - I’d tried adding more depth to the leaves to create the appearance of individual leaves, but I could mess around with that idea.

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If you ever use my idea send a pic if you don’t really think it fits in.

Looks good and the scale is interesting. Suggestion:
-Make the trunk more thicker
-Spread out some of the leaves onto other branches
-Scale the tree more, if you want.

I’m not sure what to really say because the leaves doesn’t go well so disperse some of of the leaves to the other branches for sure and don’t make the leaves big. Make 'em small since you’re going for a small tree

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I’m going to be a bit harsh here but, here’s my opinion:

  • Branches on trees hardly curve smoothly like a grass, they are more rough and straight.
  • Add more branches to the trunk, make the branches more diagonal to the tree if you don’t want them to look like they came out of nowhere.
  • Thicken the diameter of the branches, branches can be small too but if you want that don’t make the branch too long.
  • Add more branches below the leafs if you don’t want the leafs to appear floating, it needs a foundation to hold on to.
  • This is optional but I suggest only give 1 color for the leafs, it will prevent the colors from glitching and overlapping.
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