Low Poly Tree Feedback

Hello hello! First time ever making a model for Roblox and importing it into studio. I made a fairly simple tree to experiment with the low-poly style and to try also try out texture(s) inside studio.
It’s 764 polys, can probably be reduced down to 500 or less rather easily. It was made using Maya as well.

  • What could I improve on?
  • How suitable is this for Roblox?
  • If I were to make a pack of trees, how much could they be sold for?
  • Rate it on a scale of 1/10.

Thanks in advance from me!


It’s a good start, however:

Unless you’re making some hard surface asset, typically organics use smooth shading when combined with a texture. Try smoothing out the trunk with Smooth Shading.

Additionally, you have the right idea for the tree canopy, but you just need to get more creative with how “full” it looks.

Take for instance a few trees I made a few months back:

The tree canopy is actually only four slightly concave meshparts with an image on them, this way it looks “full” from any angle, including below the tree.

This way also greatly reduces your poly count, expecially since you’re currently using high poly balls/half balls.

And finally, for the rating: nothing because ratings out of ten aren’t useful or constructive to anyone and don’t belong on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

As for pricing, considering this is your first creation for 3D modelling, practice for a bit longer before you try to make money from your creations. You’ll get there, just don’t rush it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great tips ! WIll defiantly try making a improved version, the visible triangles and hard shading are actually on purpose, i would argue that smooth shading is for a more realistic look while hard shading with visible polys are better suited for the low poly look.

Although I do should have made it more pronounced and obvious by the trunks model that its low-poly. Oh well!

Looks nice, reminds me of a “Yew tree” from runescape. Maybe the trunk could be a little more thin?

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Those are planes right by the way? If so, how did you get two sided lightning on them / having the texture show up on both sides of it?

@ the first post: just to correct your misconception, low poly isn’t a “look” or “style,” what you’re referring to is flat shading/textureless. My trees are low poly (they even have fewer polys than yours), but with textures. It’s an important distinction :slight_smile:

@ second post, (I assume you meant lighting?), it’s actually two planes facing away from each other with a decal on both sides. I used a decal because I wanted to be able to change the Color3 value for additional colour options :slight_smile:

And in case your curious for the purpose of the concave bend:


I don’t really understand how you managed to create that, but looks very interesting!
Would love to learn how you did it in detail.

It’s nicely detailed the only thing that does not look as nice is the leaves because it’s only on specific spots but other than that it’s nice.