Low Poly Tree Model

Hello! I was wondering if I can get some constructive feedback on a low poly tree I redesigned for my game.

(Original on the left, Remodel on the right)


Not bad, was this in blender or is this a roblox studio creation, it looks like it could be a studio thing sense it’s just simple shapes.

It was made in Roblox Studio using meshes. I added a gradient texture for a cool effect.

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the remodel looks way better, the trunks, and the leaves are smooth like that!
one thing: the trunk looks like a cactus

I did notice that! I find it very hard to try and fix that do you have any tips?

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well, you shouldn’t make the shape like that, and instead more like the old one.

I will try that and see how it turns out!

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just dont make it exactly like the old one because it isn’t natural for trees to be like triangles and stuff like that
get. reference. image.

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