Low Poly Tree, Oppinions?

I’m trying to learn a bit of mesh making w/ blender, I’ve watched some tutorials and this is my 1st creation.


Looks very nice so far!

However, the leaves are tilted slightly to the right, not sure if you meant to do that or not but it’s definitely something you should change. If you want to create a tilt with the tree import the mesh perfectly straight and then in studio rotate it once you’ve placed it down.


Yeah, that was my aim, I’ll take your advice into my next low poly tree build! Thank you for the advice, really inspires me.

It looks great! Maybe just make it taller and make sure the leaves aren’t tilted. Other than that, the tree looks great!

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Thanks, means a lot! I watched a few videos today, I’ll note that when making my next low polly tree. :slight_smile:

It’s fine but I recommend you smoothing it out more then I also, recommend u to add a little detail like bend the top or something then you should be fine.

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Thanks, I love constructive criticism, have a good day.

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Tree looks fine, add some detail to the trunk.

You could make it spread out closer to the ground or add some bends