Low poly tree without blender

Low poly tree without Blender

Just today I tried to create a low poly tree, with a twist. I tried not to use blender and make it with only parts. I did this for two reasons, to see if I could make an okay tree without blender and if it would be easy.

What it looked like

How does it look? I used a plug-in called Gap Fill, It makes it easy to make smooth edges and in general, fill in gaps. I recommend trying it out!

I also challenge you to make a Low poly tree only using parts, I’m sure it will be easy.


It looks beautiful! Im using Gap fill too!


That is amazing! It’s great when you don’t know how to use blender that well.

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Yes! True im bad at Blender. I like to use Roblox Studio and Plugins

Gap Fill is a wonderful plugin and what you have done with it is amazing! (I’ve never used gap fill to make a low poly tree but you have inspired me to try and make one.)

Have a good day! :smiley:


I like the looks of that tree! You could make a different color version or smaller versions of that tree for decorations if you wanted.


Looks good. If you didn’t use unions then this isn’t really low poly. Unions are very unreliable and it’s just easier to use blender :slight_smile:

You made that without Blender? I would mistake that for a tree made in Blender. Overall good, but I have one question; how do you make the tree with gap fill. I’m new to building, but I use gap fill on all of the builds I make, and it overall helps with any building.

That’s all. Good tree!

I made four sides with parts. Then with those sides on the thinnest setting. I filled those gaps. I’m not too detailed. I could record a video soon?

really good tree that you made in studio
but my opinion ) i think its too much leafs

I will try to make it smaller.