Low poly world design

This is my first ever world design in studio. Any tips are appreciated


It looks pretty good! I think you should add some textures to the grass though. It’ll make it look more alive. Also, you can make the shade of green on the tree leaves change a bit, make some of it darker and some of it lighter.


I was thinking that as well but I couldn’t find any really good grass textures so if you have any you recommend please tell me

similar to this one, I recommend you to change grass’s color a bit darker. It may look better and more natural in my opinion
Or you can just make leaves darker instead.

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A basic texture like a checker-board texture or even some X’s would look good. I don’t build often but here are some textures I put together in Paint.net pretty quickly. Feel free to use them and see how they look in your map!

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Thank you so much! I will use these for sure!

Let me know how it goes! If you have a game link I’d like to check it out in-game! :slight_smile:

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