Low quality when Uploading Images or GFXs

I have a problem with the quality of my images, when I make the GFX the quality is perfect for my taste, so it can be seen in image 1, but when I upload it to roblox and it finishes being processed, the quality drops as you can see in Image 2, is there any way to fix this error? When I place the Image it is in 1600x1600 and then it is placed in 420x420.

Image 1 -

Image 2 - Test 2

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Compression issue cannot be solved as maximum decompressed images results in somewhat worse performance. To avoid these issues, don’t upload anything over the size of 1024 in each dimension, because that’s when the compression kicks in. You’d probably find an optimal size that is applicable.

Oh okay, I will check if it works.

Try uploading this.

I have tested in various ways with resolutions less than 1000 pixels, the one that happened this was the 420x420.