Low Resolution Decals are Upscaled

When uploading a decal to Roblox, images that are low resolution are upscaled, making the image blurry.


To reproduce this issue, get any image under 1024x1024 and upload it as a decal. It will appear blurry as it’s upscaled. This not only increases the file size of the image, but also decreases the quality.

Images I used:
GrassTile (16x16 image)
R (256x256 image)

Expected behavior

I expect the image to not upscale if it’s under 1024x1024 pixels, maintaining a lower file size and keeping the image quality.


The blur doesnt mean it’s upscaled, it just means that it uses bilinear filtering. The file remains at its original size. This is intended behavior.

If you want the image to remain pixelated, there are other feature requests for that.


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