Low Robux per Visit on Tycoon

Hi! Last week my Tycoon Game has seen a sudden jump in Active Users (jumping from 10-15 active users at peak hours to 200-250 active users), however the amount of robux I’ve gained sadly didnt grow as much as I anticipated.

Could you perhaps check my game out and give me some feedback on how to improve the monetization?

Game link: Pirate Tycoon 🏝️ [UPDATE] - Roblox


Everything looks fine. One thing to note though is make sure your game is replay able because most people only spend Robux on games they’ll play for a long time.


I suppose you could try monetizing your game more and capitalizing on premium payouts.

Some things you should add are:

  • add more gamepasses
  • add gamepass billboards which show what the gamepass does and a button that when clicked prompts a gamepass purchase
  • combine the gamepasses and “more gold” menus into one menu

You should make way more gamepasses for the game. But DO NOT make the gamepasses pay-to-win or pay-to-play to the point where the game is very hard without gamepasses, or that it’s not fun without the gamepasses. Also, DO NOT make the gamepasses very expensive (more than 500 Robux per one gamepass).

Other than that, you could also make some features for the game where Roblox Premium players get something special in the game, which could increase the amount of Robux you earn from Premium Payouts.