Low to High sort for Collectibles in catalog does not sort in correct order

Through the ‘Low to High’ price sort for Collectibles, items are displayed in an incorrect order.

The bug only occurs when using the specific (‘low to high’) filter on subcategories under the ‘Collectibles’ category only


^ all these subcategories are affected by the bug

Screenshots of the bug occurring


Visit the Catalog and apply the ‘low to high’ sort on any subcategory under the Collectibles section. The items will not be arranged in the specified order the filter should’ve arranged in.

Example: the All Collectibles subcategory

Detailed Reproduction

Visit the Collectibles category

^ (Click the image to) go to the Collectibles section

^ apply the Low to High sort

^ low to high filter applied, items not sorted in specified sequence

Edit: This also occurs in the Featured Items category as the items’ prices increase

The date this bug started occurring is not known.