Lowercase "i" Enlarged In Size When Bolded In Roblox Dark Mode

When using Roblox Dark mode, I noticed that when you bold a lowercase “i,” the I is enlarged in size, making it appear like an uppercase i from far away.

For reference, here’s what the lowercase i bolded looks like compared to an uppercase I and a lowercase L.

(Lowercase i on the left, uppercase I in the middle, and lowercase L on the right.)

When it’s not bolded, the letter is in its normal size. Shown here:


(Un-bolded “i” on left, bolded “i” on right)

This does not appear to this with any other letters, which makes it appear very odd in the middle of sentences when using words like “it.”

Sentence comparison:

(In the bolded version, it makes it looks like I’m capitalizing “is,” “it,” “isn’t,” and the “i” in “functional.”)

This does not appear to happen in any other theme as far as I know.

Repro steps:

  • Switch to the “Roblox Dark” theme
  • Type a sentence with a lowercase i in it, and then look at the preview.

Perhaps this might be due to some faux-bold rendering? These web fonts don’t seem to be set up correctly - since they’re all part of the same font family, they should share the same name but have different font-weight.

This is a very odd font setup and I have no idea why it’s been done like this.



That’s the same way I setup my fonts in CSS. Is there a more efficient way of doing it?

Edit: I don’t do the src like that though. I just paste in the font’s link.

They’re referring specifically to the fact that the font-family is different for each of the weights, which is absolutely not the correct way to do CSS fonts. They should all just be Gotham, with an additional font-weight property to differentiate them.