LowerTorso on model will not move in animator

in my model, i’ve previously animated it to move the lowertorso to rise up and down, and it SEEMS to work, but, for some reason now, when i load up the animation and play it, it only rotates.

here’s footage:

and, this wasn’t here before, but it’s here now. i have no idea what this is.

when i start up the animation editor and select / start with the model, for a moment, a blue dot is there. no idea.

send help

note: i use animation editor classic since the new one takes up too much space on my screen. it’s worked for me for literally everything else. i’ve tested this in the new editor too, and, no luck there.
other note: i DID change the names of LowerTorso and UpperTorso, as previously they didn’t have their cases in their names before. i don’t know if that has any importance to this.

Is this a custom made rig or is it using roblox’s rig?

custom made!

I see, you want to export this to blender and you would want to re rig the model. I hope the video helps.

wwwwait. why would i have to export this to blender? if what you meant was if the rig was made in or outside of roblox, it was in

If you made it in roblox use the roblox method.

sadly, this isn’t helping my issue. what you provided just shows HOW to make the model and rig it, which, i already did. this is having problems moving a certain part that had worked before.

Have you made sure that no parts except the Root are anchored?

Oh, hmm. I don’t know what may have went wrong. Sorry i couldn’t be much help.

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yeah, i’ve checked thrice now. i don’t know why this is the case.

nah, i understand, you were just trying! thank you, though

It may be Animation Editor issue considering you’re using older version.
Try exiting studio and retrying.

sadly, i’ve tried that. i thought that WOULD fix it, but it didn’t
i’ve noted i tried going into the new animation editor, but, it’s basically the same issue. it’s… weird???
if you WANT to, i can send the rig and let you mess with it to find anything

Yeah, send the rig, that’ll help.

h.rbxm (918.6 KB)
here it is! includes the walk cycle which involves LowerTorso movement
good luck!!! and thank you so much

If this still isn’t solved later, I’ll take a stab at it. I have done a lot of custom character rigs in the past.

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Select your character’s Humanoid and in the property inspector, uncheck “AutomaticScalingEnabled” and it will stop trying to run the automatic HipHeight calculations on your character (which clearly isn’t working out).


Fixed.rbxm (919.3 KB)
Fixed it, all I basically did was weld the parts again to make sure everything was correctly welded.

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