Lowpoly 3d Modeler! (Open)

Hello! My name is krabby. I do 3D models! I do many things EXCEPT those boring things like eggs and pets. I will do almost everything you want me to. My commission often takes 1-5 days max (depending on what type of commission). I am available for the long and short term. I have soon two years of expeirence with Blender (3d program) If you have any questions feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Previous Work :briefcase:
I have worked on many smaller games and many of those games i have worked on has not realesed yet. I have worked on some resturant games. I have done small commsions for other people too.

Check out some of my 3d models in my showcase game: Mesh game - Roblox


Payment :moneybag::money_with_wings:

You can either pay in robux or in USD.
Minimum payment is 1200R + tax or 5$ (depends on size of the commsion)
But expect to pay more than that tho. We can ofc talk about the price when you contact me.

HOW TO CONTACT ME :iphone::telephone_receiver:
Im available on discord (KrabbyIsReal#4092)

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