Lowpoly Buildings

Hey! I made some buildings last night and want to know how I did and how I can improve.

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The houses look AMAZING they remind me of Adopt me!


Thank you! I appreciate it. Never played Adopt Me though, so I have no idea what their buildings look like.

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This looks stunning! I love the low poly details to it. Very modern and eye-pleasing. Textures are being put into good use in these builds. This is a 10/10 for me.

Some things you could work on is the stairs on the last picture.
It looks like the stairs are floating? It could be intentional but give it something to look like the stairs are being supported by something. But really nice though, I love the floating stair idea. (Just thinking about the floating stairs in real life without any support sounds dangerous :joy:)

You could add like an outdoor ceiling light. (For like night views?)
The scenery seems plain though. Maybe add some trees around the builds?

This is honestly amazing! Can’t wait to see what other things you’ll build :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Oh, I forgot to put something to support it, that’s my bad. Outdoor lighting could be cool, yeah. I would add more scenery, but I was just doing buildings and added the grass to make it a little less plain. Thanks again!


Amazing vibrant colors and shape of the buildings. The building looks very neat and the quality of color looks good you manage to capture a decent scene featuring the brighter colors if I where to provide feedback I’ll add a different color scheme for the door frame so it doesn’t feature similar colors if you know what I mean but it doesn’t seem overdone.

Backing off what has been said above those types of stairs tend to have a support area such as a wooden part running through the middle holding it up consider doing something like that a image below could give you a idea.

However, I do recommend adding some sort of wall lighting to the modern homes such as potted plants chairs or railing surrounding the homes. I do believe you did a great job small improvements could improve it more further.


Thanks! Yeah, I’ll add supports to the stairs. I’ll consider adding more things such as potted plants and lights like you said.

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I really like the simplistic design to the given models, Their super clean and I can definitely be seeing them used for a project in your future, 10/10

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Thank you! I really appreciate it.

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Of Course! I really do like them haha.

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