Lowpoly Burger Joint [[ looking for feedback! ]

Recently, I began work on a lowpoly city RPG type game, that will be another project of mine. Currently working on a Burger Joint to see how well I can do lowpoly buildings.I used a couple reference images to build this, and I think it turned out great. Let me know what you guys think!! :slight_smile:

Here’s some screenshots of my burger joint I built:


Looks good, but I don’t find the randomly placed rectangular bricks to be very aesthetically pleasing. Using a texture (like here) would probably look better.


I think you really nailed your “Low Poly Burger Joint" it’s really decent, i like the details, design, layout, your making for your (RPG) game and i think it looks really good overall! I know it will look more. Decent when the whole game is finished, and other buildings are implemented! To the map! i’ll try adding some decor, vegetation. To the entrance you could try! Implementing some. Of those details to your Burger King. There could! Be a lot of different decorations, around your build so it could. Look a lot more better i’ll add some, details to the building itself! And around the burger king itself so it, could look more better however! As well i like the kind of style your making. It looks like a town, street kind of building that will mostly have parking lots and, potted plants next to the entrance and other buildings! Implemented around it overall it looks very good!!

Low Poly Restaurant
So i think your low poly build looks really looks amazing, and i see you really took your time to make this “Food Restaurant” however there is a couple of things. You could include by the entrance area so it could look! More detailed as by looking at (Real Life) food builds they mostly have Chalkboard signs, trees, wall lights, street lights, potted bushes, benches, chairs, tables, ect. Implemented around the area of the (Restaurant) i would try adding. Some of those details just to give your build a more natural! Look only if you plan on adding those details, by looking at your build you have created most of those. Kind of fast food restaurants they always! Have trash cans, umbrellas, fast food posters, drive thru, open sign, ect. Try adding something like that so your “Burger Joint” could look like the ones. In real life depending on if you only want to, keep it how it is it’s always best, to add the final details around the build and to the build! Just to look more better however your build. It looks like “Burger King” they mostly have, potted plants on the side of the door piece and! Some posters implemented inside the build. Connect onto the window so people can, see what kind of new burgers, fries, salads, drinks, they have so consider adding some. Like that so it could look more better overall i think! You have done a great job on your, creation so far keep it up and you’ll add the final. Details to the build very soon!!

Know your, (Fast Food Restaurant) needs some exterior details. I believe your planning on adding those kind of details to your, build so it could look more better. And as i said above! Some trash cans, trash can, benches, chairs, posters, ect. So it could look more, natural however it seems you didn’t! Implement any kind of 'Wall Lights" to your burger joint as by looking at (Real Life Builds) and other low poly creations you would mostly see these kind of builds have Wall Lantern Sconce, Waterproof Wall light, Sunco Lighting, with a white cover and black plastic material implemented. To it however the sunco lights are usually, added unto awning so i would consider adding some! Lantern sconce on the side of the wall, and some in the front by the entrance, so customers could see in the night time. However you could always look as images as you can, see below they mostly have those. Kind of details added to the build so consider adding! Something like that only if you plan on doing adding those details.


I know it will look good with the details, next to the entrance and the building itself but it would look more better if you added details. To your build just to look more better, as i said above you could add some plants, trees, benches, chairs, lights, ect. and then you could add some in the restaurant. Just to give your low poly design some details to it! I would also add a few other details to, your creation to make it stand out more. Here is couple of decorations you could add to your burger joint! if you need ideas to make it look more, decent overall you, have done a amazing job on your “Low Poly Burger Joint” hope to see the final build and if you want to implement these kind of ideas to your Burger build. These are just some ideas that can, help you with adding more details to it!!

Fast Food Decorations

  • Menu Posters, Trees, Street Lights, Potted Plants,
  • Benches, Chairs, Drive Thru, Trash Can, Outdoor Wall Lights,
  • Potted Plants, Black Poles, Rocks, Bushes, Parking Lot Bumpers,
  • Wooden Benches, Handicap Parking Sign, Black Bollards, Little Trees,
  • Flowers, Door Knob, Fast Food Sign, 5$ - 10 Menu Posters & Tile Sidewalk

As well is this, a “Burger King” based off the real life ones. Or is this a different kind of fast food build called (Burger Joint) just wanted to know! Is this a Burger King, or a different kind of creations overall it still looks really, amazing nicely done on your low poly. Creation!

Overall, you’ve done a impressive job on your “Burger Joint” and it looks really good so far. Can’t wait to see more of work very soon, as well the final build only if you plan on adding more decor to it very soon and the details, design, you implement! To your “Low Poly Creation” looks really amazing like the material, details, style, your going for it would. Look a lot more better if you finished it, up however keep it, up those are the exterior decorations, details, that can really help you with adding details to the building and the exterior itself! Aside all of that it looks very decent keep it up! And you’ll be making a lot more (Fast Food Restaurants) in no time.


Cool work! Try decorating it more by adding trees, street lights etc. It would be really cool!

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One of the most impressive builds of this style I have seen here for a long while. If you want to add some more details, things like shrubs outside by the trees and possibly a drive through could be good. For the interior, you should try and experiment with the flooring and add some cool posters and wall decorations. You should probably add some cash registers and menu boards towards the front entrance considering this is a burger joint.