Lowpoly island hut build

just made a quick wip for a client and thought it turned out well. thoughts on what i can do to change and make better?

Thanks devs


Those two islands are amazing, as well as the coconut trees and the barrels, the boat, the water wheel, and the crab. The only real problem is the hut part. The proportions of the parts are very off. For example, the brown edges of the hut are too thick, the sewer entrance underneath is legit about the same height as the hut; it should be small in proportion. And, the door above the sewer entrance is strangely wide compared to the size of the hut.

When you go and improve this, I think you should use a dummy to get a feel for the size of what you’re building. The hut and the sewer part is the only thing that looks strange, so I’d say just fix the proportions of that

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Not much I feel I could give in the way of feedback since its all rather visually pleasing, however I’d suggest going back and remaking a few assets, because honestly a few of them are coming off as more low effort and low quality than low-poly.

For example, the barrels are simply just a cylinder with a few extrudes/bevels.

i was going for a cartoony feel bc of the low poly, so i dont really care about accurately proportioning the build. Thank you for the advice tho, i might change around the wood sizing.

theres not much else I can think of doing with the barrels besides maybe adding some nails, a topper, and more accurate lid. Maybe a barrel texture to. Are those the types of things you were thinking of?

I would suggest looking for some reference images while making assets, since with the example I gave, its lacking a lot of QA in my eyes, I’d suggest taking more depth into account, and like I said before more detail, things like some indents down the sides or some mapping (noise, shade, etc)

To make this alittle simpler, take a look at this model I found which could be used as a reference, it has alot of inspection to its finer details yet doesn’t add over I’d say even 100 polys, making it still count as a low poly asset.

I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, that isn’t my intention however it comes off as people using lowpoly as a way of getting credit for artwork with minimal effort, since lowpoly isn’t a cheap work around making artwork, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

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You know, I don’t like games where they just refuse to use the correct materials for certain parts. The grass should be Grass and the wood should be Wood or WoodPlanks. For some reason I see these childish games where they make the grass Plastic and the wood Sand. It looks bad and cheap to substitute a material for another material. It also looks unoriginal, no matter how original the model actually is.

By the way, rocks should not be concrete if you’re thinking of that. It should be Slate.

And then there’s the water, which I would prefer it to be terrain water. Not doing this makes it look quite washed out and childish.

Other than that, I like the model.

Low poly doesn’t make it look cartoonish, neither does the lack of correct materials. It looks childish, like an image that was accidentally dropped in the sink and a child tried to overdraw some of it to make it look nicer (not good in terms of design, at least from my perspective). There’s way too many of these designs out there and too man people think “its another adopt me”. Low poly works well without that “cartoony feel”, but this will just make it look slightly better.

This. looks. epic!

Were you going for a pirate theme?

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