Lowpoly Portal Model


Not much to say, but here’s a lowpoly portal, made in blender. 8,599 tris.

Thanks for taking a look! Feedback appreciated.

Main inspiration, I felt the large amount of veins was too much, so I reduced them:

Photo in Blender:


It do really looks too good.But i suggest changing the portal “Circle” texture to a black hole or galaxy like.

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hmm well u could still reduce the veins a bit more and after that update tri count


I really like the outside and everything about this. The circle that the purple portal is in feels a bit less jagged though and very thin so maybe it could feel less symetric and not so perfectly round. Kind of like the big pillars around the circle that is around the portal that are a bit jagged and not very perfect shapes. Other than that I think this is top tier and high quality modeling.

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Thanks! There actually is one, it’s just a bit hard to see.

What do you mean by reduce the veins? I meant I wanted to make the veins of the purple substance lower.

Thanks for the feedback! I made it a bit more jagged, I’ll attach pictures. I kind of have mixed opinions but I think it generally looks better.


This is really good, I like the details it almost makes it not look Low Poly, Good Job!

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