Lua chat failing to send whispers to certain users

Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-03-25 02:03:00 (-04:00)
Date Last Experienced: Right now

Reproduction Steps:
To reproduce this issue, you need to join a game with a user who is impacted by the bug. It’s unclear to me what makes users impacted by this bug. Certain users cannot be whispered as expected while others can be whispered as expected. Games which have forked a previous working version of the chat are not impacted by this bug. I have confirmed that this issue happens with my alternate account, snipercraft7.

Join a game with an impacted account, and type ‘/w username’ and attempt to send multiple whisper messages.

Expected Behavior:
The expected behaviour is that all whisper messages will send to the targeted user without the need for any workarounds.

Actual Behavior:
Only the first whisper message will be sent, while any later ones will fail to send. When this happens, it seems like no FilterMessageFunctions or ProcessCommandsFunctions that I make will run.

To work around this bug, remove the [ToUsername] from the chat text box and type ‘/w Username’ again. The first message will send like before, while any further messages won’t until you retype ‘/w username’.


I can confirm this is happening to a game I script for as well. We have a custom chat for players in squads which is built into the default chat system, used by typing “/squad” instead of “/w”. The workaround above works for the squad chat and whisper chat. Sometimes fails after the first message. We at first thought it was just our game but after countless hours of searching and bug testing, we’ve yet to find a way to fix it.

Affected game: 👮The Grand Crossing [5.5.5] - Roblox

This is super frustrating.
I only noticed it when trying to reply to a whisper sent to me, only to find out that it not only made me unable to reply to them, it completely broke my chat, making me unable to post any chat messages.

I can confired this has happened to me in.

  • Bloxburg
  • JailBreak

Basically once you whisper you cant chat at all in these games and more. Even after resetting.

Thanks for the report! The issue is being investigated.


happens on teamchat & normal chat on many games too

Hello! This should now be fixed! Please let us know if this happens again!