Lua debugger broken in Studio

Setting a breakpoint in Studio no longer functions properly when the code path is exercised. The active line is not highlighted, and the standard debug features aren’t available (Step In/Over/Out).

I can’t even get the breakpoint to catch. (Stop the code)

Im fairly certain is has something to do with new Server/Client studio testing mode. I remember reading something about that. But disabling does not fix it either so idk…

We just released Accurate Play Solo, which does not yet have support for debugging client scripts. You can temporarily get around this by enabling the Disable Accurate Play Solo setting. Once we add debugger support we will remove this option entirely.


I am SUPER EXCITED about Accurate Play Solo - gone will be the days of not being able to debug problems that only show up in client-server! I look forward to getting more game made in less time. Thanks!!


That seems to solve the problem Vine is having, however i am experiencing the issue described by Fable too. The Problem isn’t the Breakpoint not stopping the game, as it does that and i can see in the Call Stack that it stopped in the right line, but rather that the Step buttons are grayed out and i’m unable to move through the code. I’ve tried it with both solo modes and got the same problem.

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Disabling APS in Studio settings has no effect. Debugger still non-functional. Since Lua is not statically typed I rely heavily on the debugger to validate code correctness, so naturally this is a significant hindrance :frowning: