Lua Obfuscator Creation

How does lua obfuscation work? Like PSU, Moonsec, Ironbrew, Aztupbrew, and Luraph 13.1.

I have seen and used PSU, Luraph, Aztupbrew, but I want to learn how to make my own.

I have always wanted to make one but it seems hard. I have tried bytecode obfuscation but you know how easy that can get cracked.

Most nowadays will take code and compile some custom flavor of bytecode out of it, then provide a VM to run that bytecode on. It’s much more time consuming to reverse engineer someone else’s custom implementation than it is to un-fiddle with already working code.

If you’re looking to learn about that sorta stuff, read up on PL/0. It’s a programming language used to teach how building compilers is done. Tokenization, parsing, compiling, creating a virtual machine* to test it on… it’s a really interesting subset of computer science topics.

*Virtual machine as in not simulating an entire operating system but rather a space for your code to execute, like the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

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I am not that smart myself as in I don’t know that much scripting knowledge but, this is a good comment on lua obfuscation. Thanks!

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