Lua Tips for Beginners?

Hi! My name is Hamza, And I’ve got into ROBLOX scripting around 5-6 days ago.

I was wondering if any experienced or advanced scripters Have any Advice for beginners Like me!

Thanks to every single person who took out the time to reply, and help me out with my career as a beginner :slight_smile:



Be sure to use the #resources:community-resources category correctly.

You should really only be posting community tutorials and other helpful information that would be of use to the developer community.

If you’d like some help within rlua programming, here’s a useful website that’ll answer your questions:

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I suggest going onto AlvinBlox’s channel, he has got some great scripting tutorials!. Thanks to him thats how i learn’t scripting. Also check the dev king’s scripting tutorials out. He also got’s some great scripting tutorials!


There are multiple posts about this, just search before you post. But I suggest watching AlvinBlox or PeasFactory’s beginner scripting tutorials on YouTube. I watch both of them and they helped me a lot.


Learn regular Lua first such as the free book on the Lua website. Its mostly relevant. You’ll benefit from knowing the difference between regular Lua and Roblox’s modified version.

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I learned a lot of basic lua by just simply scolling through dev forum and dev hub. PeasFactory also helped me a lot as well.

Link to dev hub and peasfactory

Dev Hub: Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

The dev king has a Advanced lua series which i am pretty sure will help u a lot, he goes over most of the advanced stuff in roblox scripting.

That is wrong.

This is the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category, and is open to anyone looking for help, regardless of their prior experience in scripting.

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