Lua.console, a powerful console for roblox studio


is a console plugin I’ve been making for quite a while now. It’s meant to be an ubuntu style console for roblox studio. I decided to just release it’s alpha today, so here it is:


Currently, the docs website will only be available on 1.0 release. Although, here is a brief summary of all commands

clear -- clears the console

create -- create instances with certain names

dummy -- create dummies

insert -- insert assets made by you or roblox using the asset id

rm -- remove specific objects and filter them

version -- checks the version

help -- gives a list of all available commands

glass new -- creates a new glass project

glass devi -- installs your glass project as a dev file

glass devrm -- clears all dev files

Further more in-detail documentation soon!


Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.57.23 PM


  • You need to restart after allowing the script permissions to create/edit scripts
  • No auto expanding yet, meaning after a certain amount of messages they wrap over

Wanna report issues? No GitHub repo yet, but you can PM me through the DevForum

Making Commands

Using glass, you can make temporary custom commands, but if you want to make commands for the console, just create your command, upload it’s source to GitHub and either reply/pm me the link and I might add it in!

( You can test your commands by running glass devi while selecting the script you want to test :smiley: )

Well thats it for now, if you wish to install and try out the plugin head to

or right here!

hope you enjoy :wink:


Looks promising! However all of the commands listed dont take much in the first place so I recommend adding commands that are relatively taxing as to add utility to your plugin.

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May I ask why you have custom commands setup the way you currently do? Why not just allow people to add in custom commands, for example, with modules?

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It’s especially dangerous if there was malicious code inside, as the plugin would already have the power to edit/modify scripts, meaning someone could just take in the module script and put something like a backdoor in it.

Edit: All commands are already handled through module scripts

Yep! The rm command is actually extremely powerful, when used with flags like
rm cls:Shirt --force
To filter objects an remove specific stuff allowing to quickly remove scripts from models, decals from objects, etc.

I do plan on adding more commands at full release as well as more taxing jobs to be done with commands! If you have any ideas let me know, and thanks for the feedback :wink:

Why would someone put a backdoor into their own console? Okay, let’s say they decide to release this module and people take it. Do you not look at things you put into your game? I’d be reading the modules and I’m sure many others would. If I were to use this I’d develop modules for myself, and if I were to use another person’s module, it would have to be either from someone I trust or I would read through it first. Not that hard to find a suspicious script. You know many popular admin systems allow what I asked about? I haven’t heard anything bad about modules for those.

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I love this mindset, but sadly I don’t think this is how an average developer will work. Most of the time, they’ll just see the install command, see what it does and just install it.

I meant kinda like if I had something similar to npm, where anyone can install these commands (packages for npm). I am planning on adding glass i for installing modules that have been whitelisted, but I kind of feel uneasy allowing anyone to upload these commands.

In my opinion, they should just have to be whitelisted first before adding.

glass i CoolModule

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you should consider creating a github repository for this, where people can make pull requests to add new modules to the glass i command.

maybe also set a certain format for those requests and requirements for the modules they suggest. for example:

  • cannot be obfustiacted
  • explain what the module does and how it does it
  • must pass a test from an antivirus plugin?
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Sounds cool! On-forutunely, I can’t really sync files with github, and can’t really use Rojo as MacOS Catalina is extremely secure, and some actions I can’t do and some I need admin passwords. I am not familiar with pull requests, but I will try my best to set it up!

I will try to set this but yeah.

This honestly seems pretty dope, and once bugs are fixed, I feel like this will rule the Roblox console world

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Ha, thanks :smiley:
I’m planning to roll a new update soon, but I really need command ideas/
tedious things that humans don’t want to do on studio…

Why don’t you add the git command, or an ability to compress a Roblox model file (rbxm) into studio without the need for the user to download it

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Don’t know If I can really do that :sweat_smile:
I’m still no where near an advance programmer, and don’t even know where to start with them, but it’s an interesting idea.

I am still really stuck on command ideas, but thanks for the suggestion!