LuaForums! An easy way to get Systems and Icons!

This is a pretty nice concept but, I personally think a separate site is unnecessary, why not have it all on a single devforum posts?

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lets just say I bought a domain and had no use for it lol :smiley:

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The viewmodel system can easily be done in less then 5 days i could make it in an hour. All there is just a simple viewmodel no bobbing or sway just aiming and raycasting. The doors system is bad because the code contains a heavy amount of bad practice and the website is made horribly.

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I don’t see how the website is horribly made it does its job simply and easily?

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The ui is really bad and it just overall feels rushed. I think a better idea would to make a devforum post that includes a library of assets.

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Hi, can you check your DevForum message? I would appreciate it.

I can see that you’ve recently shipped an update which removes most of your content on your site.

It’s often deemed unprofessional to ship an unfinished update to your site, especially since you had an almost-complete one earlier this week.

There’s currently no links to your previous models which could upset some users that previously visited your site and then they were to visit it again.

What most companies do is they have two, or more different ‘builds’. Often one for pre-release and one for the main release. Once the pre-release has been completed, the build would be published to the main release, where all your users can see it. This is what I recommend you do for your site, as there are a lot of changes happening in a short period of time.


This is a neat idea but I don’t see anything in the catalog plus the ui is terrible. (with a completely new home page and an actual catalog this would be great!

Whoops I need to change the link

Use figma instead of whatever your using please. Its way better at making website UI. :neutral_face:

Edit: The start button looks like it came from 2008 school website.


Very empty site at the current moment. Also are you using

Either way, good luck with your site!

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Forgot to add, you should probably remove the Roblox O from your sites logo, due to intellectual property.

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Yes I use google sites, I dont like it but its the only free service with tab icons and custom domains.

Host your site on GitHub Pages, sure it means the code behind your site is open-source, but all you need is some HTML knowledge, which can get you your tabbed icons and whatever you need. GitHub also offers custom domains for free.

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Me when i yes no know html: ill try

If you don’t care about multiple pages, all you need to know is how to embed an icon to your site, and how to use h1, p and a tags. If you need a custom font (since sans-serif is as plain as anything), HTML can also do that for you (although I prefer doing that through CSS).

Just checked the website, and it looks pretty good to me ! Sure, it’s not amazing, but frankly I don’t see all the issues, it works perfectly on mobile, still not perfect scaling on my desktop but I am using a 21:9 display, so that’s probably it.

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Host your site on Cloudflare is my advice. They offer a free hosting program as long as you kinda know what you’re doing.

I believe this topic should be in the Feedback category.


@AEW745 It actually is eligible to be in either categories. There are some aspects in this post that ask for feedback, although OP is sharing a resource with the community.

@ItsRedDevv Harsh criticism, but heavily needed.

What OP created is actually a good way to start. Personally, I started by using Weebly. I then decided to learn HTML and CSS. After that I learnt NodeJS and started to use ReactJS, a JavaScript Framework. Then moving onto NextJS (one of my favourites), a fullstack Framework.