Luau Typing for tables

Hey ya’ll been a while since I posted. I have been writing some module scripts to help me with various mundane and repetitive tasks recently. While doing this I sometimes require a table of extra arguments like a “settings” table for example. What I have come to realize is that Luau doesn’t seem to have a way to typecheck for a table? I don’t mean like typeof() I mean in the function parameters.


function fizz(buzz: string, bazz: number): boolean

However if I try typechecking for param: table it doesn’t work and gives me an error.


“Unkown type ‘table’”??

However if I type table it gets highligted and it comes up in autocomplete:


It does say it’s a library but wouldn’t that also make it a type? I know it’s probably not a primitive type like string, boolean, or number but why can I typecheck those and not table? Is there a way to typecheck it??

Please help!

(EDIT: Fixed a spelling error!)

Here’s the fun part about the typing for tables, they’re actually customized, so you have to declare those types yourself. More information found here: