Luau Visual Scripting App Progress DevLog 1


Wanted to share some progress on a visual scripting desktop app. The goal for this project is to be able to connect nodes to create a script that can be exported into studio like any other.

The app runs using Electron & React as well as Tailwind CSS for styling.

Here you can see the home window. You can create & manage your projects. There are a few tabs on the side for other things like a tutorial video and some info about the app.

This is the node editor / new project window. I’m still missing nearly all the topbar & sidebar elements but you can see nodes being dynamically connected. They can be dragged around as expected. The math for the bezier curved connection line is a bit wonky right now and still needs some work.

When you hover over an input/output port you get a little label giving more information about it.


The whole canvas is pannable with zoom functionality to come soon.

That’s all I really have to show for now. It’s been ~3 days since I started work on this and hope to have a working prototype released within the next 1-2 months. Thanks for reading!


imma bookmark this this gonna be very useful in the future



That UI is super clean, the idea is original. I want to use it. Tell me when it’s done. Outstanding job!

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Glad to hear if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

Maybe an actual text editor, with the feature to export it to Roblox Studio, like Rojo.

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If anyone is interested in helping provide feedback & suggestions on various features of the project I made a discord server