Luau/lua code editor for mobile

Im stuck with mobile for the next 2 months and i wanna help my team
I dont know any code editor on mobile and its horrible when i try to edit it from some app on the mobile


Is this even worth it? You’ll be unable to test this code and all of the problems associated with it might cause issues and slow your team down.
Try just searching your app store (google play or apple store) for any code editor


In the meantime, you could try the Luau website which is by Roblox (I sometimes use it for fun).

Only downside is that it is basically just Lua 5.1, you can’t really reference any services or the player. But, you can still c+p from it.

For anyone reading this in the future. I forgot the mention that on mobile the formatting isn’t good (as it can’t expand enough to actually make it easy to use). However, it does have an output so you can actually run your code.

replit app. Literally the go-to, it has almost every programming language (including Lua) and a really good text editor for mobile, and you can run code on it.