Lucitoire | UI Designer

I have been on the ROBLOX platform since 2016 , taking part in multiple different projects over the platform and taking on commissions from other users for things such as 3D Modelling / Building and UI design , I am a beginner coder & experienced creator in User Interface Work! :cloud:

School Of Wizardry

School Of Wizardry User Interface: :magic_wand:


Spellbound User Interface: :crystal_ball:


  • Commissions are open, DM me at, " @patriziareggiani " :white_heart:



  • I am currently avaliable about 3-5 hours every-day, but longer on weekends usually.

UI Prices


Prices are negotiable depending on the request I have been given, and the difficulty - time it would take for me to craft such work, I would like to say I work very efficiently & quickly without rushing and don’t stop until the customer is satisfied.

  • Upfront payments only, or if it is a large order 50% upfront and 50% after the products have been received by the customer.

How to get in touch with me or contact me?

I much prefer to be contacted via discord, as that is the easiest way for me & for most others aswell, my handle is " @patriziareggiani ", click the hyper-link to be redirected to my profile.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day. :dove:
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