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Greetings! As some of you may know from my constant activity on the devforum, my name is LuckyTux. A long, long time ago I once won a bloxy for my work on Survivor, but I now work in marketing / management and am opening my services to you all. This opportunity was once only open to other Full Members due to the fact that many of the people who have contacted me otherwise have attempted to monetarily scam me or had no way to pay me in the first place; however, so that my portfolio is available to a corporation interested in me, I have brought it to the public.

You’re probably asking a serious question that all good developers should be: What are your credentials? Well, I’m so glad you / I / we asked!

On the site, I am responsible for generating hype and buzz for games. Whether through contacting streamers, youtubers, or creating twitter campaigns, I make the game as visible as possible to ensure success for my employers. As of right now, I lead the marketing and managing departments for both 2Hex’s Blockplex and for MissShu’s Egg Simulator, which will be releasing before the end of the year. My responsibility for both of these also includes media publication relations and communication with the Roblox staff.

Furthermore, as a writer and a developer, I strive to provide content in an interesting and attractive way. Some examples of this can be seen in my work on the Blockplex twitter alongside my devforum articles. For a more in depth viewing of my writing style, humor, and ability to communicate, I have attached below some of my favorite works:

Payment wise, I accept robux and PayPal. I am not usually open to percentage alone due to a desire financial security, but am willing to negotiate it separately if a mix of percentage and regular payment are together.

But don’t just take my word for it! Here is some of what other developers say about me:

Numerous others will also vouche for my skill and ability. I encourage for you to reach out to these developers, alongside my other friends, yourself and ask their opinion of me.

If you are interested in hiring me, the best way to reach me is through messaging me on the devforum or through contacting me on discord at REDACTED

Thank you and God bless


:thinking: How good are you at marketing exactly considering I already made a game called Egg Simulator …


I didn’t pick the name. I handle the communications with Roblox staff and management of the product, not product design.

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Wouldn’t this fall under product management? I’m certain a manager would handle these situations for their clients.


I’ll talk with @MissShu about it tonight, since I was unaware until this moment.

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Do you give precise feedback on work and are you really meticulous?


Extremely meticulous and precise— I’m a perfectionist. :happy1:


Pretty cool to see people offer services like these,
Though you never really gave us an idea of how much you charge :thinking:


Here’s what I told DevUltra when he asked

Hey Dev. I handle cross promotions with members of the star program, Twitter advertisement programs, and the overseeing of day to day Twitter interactions. My usual pricing is 10 USD an hour, since I work part time. I’m also able to do the robux price but I prefer the first option. I’m able to negotiate though

For example, I can drop my price slightly for percentage


How do you track and report your hours worked?



I am willing to use an application that the boss is interested in, or I can log hours in a Google sheet

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This portfolio has been updated for general audiences due to it being available to the public.

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