LuckyTux - Marketing Specialist (June 2019 Edition)

About Me

Greetings! I am reopening my services as a marketing specialist to the private section of the Roblox devforum. I specialize in both on-site and off-site marketing, having experience working on Roblox games along with working with several major corporations. I have been doing marketing on Roblox for 5 years now with some notable projects that I have worked on including Blockplex and Survivor. Off-site, I have worked on marketing and analytics for Toya, Junior Achievement of South Florida, City Furniture, and am currently finishing a project for The Restaurant People.

Examples of my Work

Although I cannot provide pure examples of my work, due to confidentiality, I can share some portions of certain projects with y’all. Feel free to ask questions below.

Data Collecting and Facebook Marketing

I have experience working in information gathering and marketing through facebook. Although I cannot include many of my works due to NDAs, I am able to provide an example of a survey and facebook advertisement to show off my abilities in these areas.

Leaving an Impact Through Imagery

My style of marketing revolves around holding the viewer’s attention and I have shown my ability to do this with different age groups. From thirteen-year-olds on the devforum to presenting powerpoints to major business executives, I have been able to use imagery to contain a viewer’s interest in a subject material and am able to increase retention in a concept through emotional appeals. Below, I have included examples of imagery that I have used in devforum articles that led to higher retention on topics that normally would have caused users to lose interest. Unfortunately, I cannot provide examples from any of my presentations due to the findings being under a NDA.

Obtaining Full Member for Dummies
How Not To Get Sued For Copyright - Everything You Need to Know About the New System


Since I work part-time, I prefer opportunities that pay on a per hour basis. Prices are negotiable.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at REDACTED

Again, feel free to ask questions below. I am interested in providing a dialogue so that other potential clients gain a better understanding of what I do from the available conversations.


Why would anyone need a marketing specialist on Roblox…

Why would I hire you over doing sponsored ads and reading up on color theory to make an appealing icon.
That gets me guaranteed impressions and I can usually calculate the click-rate (and its given after and during I run the ads).

I think that this post might leave out what you actually will be doing for us…


That’s a very good point. On site, I also handle game-youtuber relations, twitter promotions, etc. Basically, anything that is needed to get the word out

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Marketing can be so much more than sponsoring ads and designing appealing icons. Sure, these are important factors, but you shouldn’t under estimate the impact of social media and large influencers.

A popular lets-play of your game for example could bring in ten times as many players, especially in the long-run, as apposed to the more traditional, expensive method of advertising.