Luffy322 - UI & GFX Designer

About Me

Hi there! I am luffy322, and I am a UI designer and I also do some GFX!






I am available for 4-6 hours on weekends, and 1-2 on weekdays. My timezone is NZDT.


UI: Prices are negotiable, I work cheap, and I don’t mind the type of payment (Direct, Hourly, Percentage etc.) I would however prefer direct. (Robux only.)

GFX: R$39 for an avatar GFX. You can see my commission sheet here:


You can contact me on Discord at Inferno#2866 or Twitter at (Note: I do not script my UI.)

Commissions are currently: Open

Thanks for reading! :wink:


The last two images shown are free models. I do not understand why you would show UI that you did not make.

You’re right, I removed last one. (Although I did edit it)

Much better.
30 char limit…

Did you make all of the icons yourself?

the gem and chest icon are vectors (not by me)

Uhhh The discord didnt work can you add me? fullbank#6157

Yea, sorry about that, my tag got changed, I’ve updated the post. (And sent you a request)

Updated with some newer UI and added a GFX bit.,

Commissions are open again, also updated examples.