Lunar Hotels & Resort Public Handbook

Lunar Hotels & Resort Public Handbook


Welcome to the Lunar Hotels & Resort Public Handbook. This contains all information that is critical for a staff member to know. All guidelines in this handbook must be followed at all times in any of our games.


Public Rules

Lunar Hotels & Resort Public Rules

Everything located in this section is to be followed by all members, guests and staff.

  1. Exploiting and glitching is strictly prohibited on all of our games. Doing so is grounds for an immediate permanent ban.
  2. Trolling is strictly not allowed at our hotel. You will receive 3 warnings before being banned. If a staff member is found trolling, they are immediately blacklisted from becoming staff again.
  3. Bypassing the Roblox Chat Filter is strictly not allowed. Found doing so is grounds for an immediate permanent ban from our games. Not only does this violates our rules, but also violated the Roblox Terms of Service.
  4. Drama is not allowed. Causing any sort of unnecessary drama is grounds for an immediate ban from our game.
  5. Being rude and unkind is grounds for three warnings, then banned if exceeded. If a staff member is found doing so they will be immediately blacklisted from becoming staff again.

The rules below are more aimed towards staff members rather then guests, but guests are also expected to abide by these aswell.

  1. Trolling/exploiting on any allied games is grounds for an immediate termination and staff blacklist.
  2. All staff are required to use grammar when at the hotel. Failure to do so will result in a demotion/suspension based on the severity.
  3. Admin abusing is strictly prohibited. Any sort of admin abuse is grounds for an immediate staff blacklist.
  4. All ranks are expected to be active weekly and attend shifts. MRs failing to meet the activity quota are to be striked. Receiving two strikes will result in a demotion.
  5. All Middle Ranks, High Ranks and Senior High Ranks are expected to have a ReAdmin Account in order to keep track of staff activity, filing warnings, suspensions, demotions and inactivity notices.

Rank Donation Rules

  1. Attempting to re-rank yourself after being blacklisted/demoted will result in an immediate ban. (This doesn’t apply if you re-buy the rank)
  2. If you buy a rank just to troll you will be immediate blacklisted from staff.
  3. If you get demoted from a rank no refunds are given unless the Owner decides to give you one.
  4. If you buy a MR+ rank you are expected to have a ReAdmin Account to keep track of activity. You must also have a functional Discord Account and be in our Communications Server.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a staff member?
A: You can become a staff member either through applying via the application center or buying the rank through the rank center.

Q: How do I become an MR?
A: MR ranks are given out to people who prove their worthiness and dedication towards Lunar. Hinting for a promotion will reduce your chances.

Q: How do I ally with Lunar?
A: Contact an SHR for information on becoming an alliance.

Q: How do I report someone to Lunar Moderators?
A: You can report someone using the report GUI, or in our communications server.

Q: What are the badges and how can I get them?
A: The Welcome badge is awarded whenever you play the game. The Beta Tester badge is available until March 4’th, 2022, and is awarded upon entering the game. The Super Worker badge is given to staff members who have checked in 10 players in one session.

Check-In System

The check-in system is vital to the role as a Receptionist. To use it, simply walk up to a computer and click on it. This will open a GUI. When you first open it, it will ask you about your preferences, go through and select your customization preferences. Afterwards, you can use the different icons on the bottom to navigate through the panel. You can change the theme to light in the settings menu if you want.

Check-In Panel

The check-in panel is simple. Type in a persons username and it should autofinish. Select which room type with the dropdown panel. Once done, click Confirm. This will prompt the user a GUI to accept or decline the room. If they accept it will give them a random room and you will obtain a Point. If they decline it will not give them a room and you will be notified of it.

Room Availability Panel

The Room Availability Panel shows all rooms. Green icon means available. Red icon means unavailable. If you click on a room is will show the room type & occupant.

Check-Out Panel

The Check-Out Panel is very similar to the Check-In Panel. Type in a username and it should autofinish. Click confirm. If the user has a room, it will prompt them if they want to check-out. If they choose yes it will take their key and their access to the room. If they choose no nothing will happen.

Settings Panel

The settings panel is simple. Three options, language, mobile mode & dark mode. Language lets you set the language of the panel, if you are more fluent in a different language. Mobile mode lets you change the size of the UI to fit on mobile devices. Dark mode is simple. Changes between light when off and dark when on.

(Check-In System made by smartTech & wind_o)

Important Links

Group: Lunar Hotels & Resort
Hotel: Lunar Hotels & Resort
Application Center: Lunar Hotels Application Center


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From the Lunar Hotel & Spa Leadership Team,
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