Lushed Designs General Information

Welcome to the Lushed Designs Rulebook and Guidelines Post!

General Rules

No Spam (posting of ~6+ messages within 1 minute)
Offsite and product links not found within the group are not tolerated
Advertising or promoting groups and/or products on the group wall
Creating arguments or any type of harassment will not be tolerated.

Rules for Shout Contests:

  1. All entries (“wall posts”) must be posted after the date the shout was created and posted.
  2. Spam will automatically disqualify you from achieving any type of award or roles.
  3. You must be a member of the group after the winners are chosen, or your award and role will be forfeited.
  4. Winners will always be picked at random, no matter the membership type excluding those said above.


Any type of award you receive in the Lushed Designs group doesn’t have to be spent in the group! Spend it on whatever you would like. Have fun!

Extra Information

  • VIP is only a rank for the time being, but more perks will be added in the homestore.
  • If you already won one of our contests, you can re-enter to win more.
  • We do accept custom clothing requests! Message lushedbabe for more information!
  • You get VIP by winning our contests, or by purchasing 3+ clothing items.

Don’t forget to join if you haven’t!

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