LUSHIVE Handbook


Welcome to our official handbook! LUSHIVE is a modernized gameshow-clothing industry that works in the production of creating engaging and entertaining gameshows, while also releasing wide varieties of clothing. We ensure our staff team and design team work hard at LUSHIVE so everyone has an excellent experience.

Group Information

Here at LUSHIVE, we strive to have a peaceful, positive community and with this, community guidelines are set in place for server members to abide by. If there is any failure to abide by them, you are prone to be issued a consequence by an Executive+ or a Moderator. It is up to our discretion to make any changes to our guidelines if we believe it is reasonable to do so.

Social Links:
Trello | Up-Coming Gameshows

Discord Rules:

Please be respectful at all times in our server and experiences.


Do not self-promote and advertise any experiences, corporations, and servers which have no affiliation with LUSHIVE.


Discrimination of race, gender, age, religion, beliefs, sexual- orientation, and etc. is not allowed.


Cursing at a minimal level is permitted, however, excessive use, offensive slurs, and towards other server members will not be tolerated.


Spamming is not allowed in our channels and can lead to consequences.


Inappropriate and pornographic material is prohibited in all channels in order to respect our server members.


Political and controversial topics are not allowed as they may lead to disruption.


Make sure to use our channels for their specific purposes, descriptions are available to be seen in each channel.


If you have nickname permissions, please have it always contain your ROBLOX usernames, however, any other additions are acceptable.


Impersonating server members is prohibited and can lead to severe consequences due to its nature.


No threats will be tolerated in our server and mutual DMs as it’s taken seriously.


Evading for any reason will lead to follow-up consequences.


In voice channels, follow all guidelines, and no ear-rape, voice changers, and loud background noises are not allowed.

In-Game Rules:


Discrimination and/or disrespect towards anyone is not allowed. [This includes derogatory and racial slurs.]


Exploiting the game(s) is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from our premises. (Autoclicker, flying, etc)


Do not advertise games or groups that do not have any relation with LUSHIVE.


Alternative accounts are not allowed here at LUSHIVE in our Gameshows.


Bypassing words (inappropriate, deragotory, etc.) being used are strictly prohibited at our games.


Refunds are not allowed for any dev products we sell. If you have a problem please open a ticket.

Staff Information

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Staff Team, any community member is able to apply for Intern with a Google Form. That Google Form is released every month to the community in our Communications Server. If you’re interested in applying, go to LUSHIVE’s social links or join by using our Server Invite (/lushive).

Affiliate Information

Before filling in an application, it is recommended to please make sure that you meet all of our criteria to form an affiliation. If you do not meet our criteria and send an application, it will automatically be declined. In order to assist you in a timely manner, please allow us up to a week to accept or decline all applications.

Requirements & Standards

  • Your group must contain at LEAST 10,000 non-botted members.
  • Discord Server must contain at LEAST 1,000 server members.
  • Stable, professionally-made Communications Server and ROBLOX Group.
  • Activity in both the Communications Server and ROBLOX group with an active group game or something similar is essential.
  • High-Ranks & Staff must be sincere, and group most hold an acceptable reputation.
  • Must be attentive to announcing our events, as well as hosting events with us too.
  • Rank selling corporations will be allowed under certain circumstances. However, the ranks being sold may not have substantial permissions to alter the group significantly.
  • Must DM a Public Relations Co-Lead+ in regards to your interest of affiliating, with application below being answered.


  • What is the name of the corporation you are applying for? Please provide all Social Links.
  • Provide a brief description of the corporation.
  • Please list the representatives from the corporation to represent at LUSHIVE.
  • Do you agree to abide by our standards and Code of Conduct or else repercussions will occur?

Once again, thank you for taking an interest in affiliating with LUSHIVE! Once you are ready, you are welcome to submit the following questions to a Co-Lead of the Public Relations Department via Direct Messages and while we review it, please give us up to a week before requesting an update. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact a Co-Lead of the Public Relations Department.

Ban Appeal Information

At LUSHIVE, there are only 3 types of consequences anyone may receive. That is a Trello Ban (Gameshow Permanent Ban), Intern Ban, and a Communications Server Ban. If you received any of these consequences, you must first wait ONE week before filling out the google form down below.


If you have ANY questions about any of this information, feel free to open up a support ticket in the support channel in our community server and an executive+ will help you out!

LUSHIVE reserves the right to change the information on the page without notice.