Luxy Hotels | V5 - Training Guide

This guide was created by: colinchef


Please make sure you repeat the following to the trainees.

At Luxy Hotels, our staff must use excellent grammar, be kind to guests and do much more!
We like to give our guests a luxurious stay.
When you work at the hotel you will be able to work at multiple stations, such as the restaurant, housekeeping, and reception!
Giving away staff tools will result in you being instantly demoted.

Greetings :

At Luxy Hotels, you must give greetings to make you seem as professional as possible. An example of a greeting is: “Hello, welcome to Luxy Hotels! My name is Bob. How may I help you on this fine day?”.

Reception :

Luxy Hotels has three types of rooms.
Standard Rooms that require no game pass and the Suite/Penthouse Rooms which require a game pass.
To check someone in you click the PC and click the Check-In icon on the PC. You enter the username and Room Type.
To check someone out you do the same but click the Check-Out icon

Housekeeping :

At Housekeeping, you have many tasks. You need to clean around the hotel and rooms. You also need to take care of signs for hazard(s). You need to provide guests with their needs as well. You must also be able to give information to anyone whenever needed, meaning you need to stay up to date with all Luxy protocols.

Bar :

At the bar, your job is to give guests nice drinks and snacks for them to enjoy. To give an item you click the hand-to-GUI and type the username, then you click “Hand to”, the same thing is on mobile devices but you tap your screen.

Trollers :

When a troller approaches you, begin by giving them warnings. 3 warnings is a kick.
To give someone a warning, say “Warning (number) - (reason).” Example: “Warning 1 - Rude to staff”
After someone receives 3 warnings, cuff the troller and bring them to an MR+. If you do not have cuffs, tell an MR+ to kick the troller.
Experienced Receptionist and above get handcuffs. Abuse of them will lead to an instant demotion. You should only use these tools if someone has three warnings or is an exploiter.


Helpers should ask five questions about the information, do a reception test, bar test, and an optional role play.