Lyee Hotel | Alliance Policy | Alliance Application

Lyee Hotels and Resorts host many different alliances ranging from many different genres on ROBLOX. Our alliances that we hand select and choose help not only us as a group, but our community, by attending each other’s events, regular visits to their games and more!

Alliances Requirements:
•Your group or community must have 2,000 group members. Group members as in real players. Alternative accounts will not count.

•Your group or community shall not have any history of free ranking, revoking a user’s privilege to claim their game pass ranks, etc.

•Your group or community must have a clean and reputable history throughout the ROBLOX platform.

•Your group or community must send a minimum of two alliance representatives to our communications server upon the formation of the alliance.

•Your group or community must follow and comply with our guidelines and ROBLOX Terms of Service & Use.

Alliances Expectation:
•We expect your group or community to follow all rules and guidelines while on Lyee Hotel property.

•We expect your group or community to be professional, mature, and respectful while on Lyee Hotel property.

•We expect your group or community to actively keep up with the alliance events and throughout our communications server and announce certain announcements from our group when requested.

•We expect your group or community to write responses that explain in detail the kind of
group you are.

Alliances Application:
Thank you for showing interest in applying for an alliance with Lyee Hotel! With that, if you meet both the alliance requirements and alliance expectations, you’re welcome to send an application containing the answers to the following questions:

ROBLOX & Discord username?
Why would you like to ally with Lyee Hotel?
How would this alliance benefit both groups?
Do you agree and understand that we can terminate this alliance if your group violates our guidelines and Roblox Terms of Service.
Who will be representing your group in our discord server?
Discord Server Link & ROBLOX Group Link?

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