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About Me

T’sup! :wave: :grinning:

I am lysandr, a 21yr old game developer. Owner & creator of Tower Defenders, and Founder & CEO of Dreamers. I have been on Roblox for 11 years now. Been developing since 2013. But 2018 is when I really started working hard at it.

I am capable or skilled at;

  • Scripting
  • Animating
  • Building (not meshing)
  • Designing

Everything else I’m either abysmal at or not interested in doing.


I’ve worked on many games privately and have worked with some other renowned creators such as; Wrathsong, kenami, monkrymonkry, Lego_Figure, ValueKing, and more…

Currently, my only notable work would be Tower Defenders which I solo develop (though I hire for meshes occasionally). Therein showcased is innumerable feats of scripting knowledge.

It is a high quality Tower Defense game targetted for more mature audiences. Hitting the front page several times through Top Rated and other sorts. Tower Defenders has become a flagship. Pushing the frontier of quality on Roblox and showing what hard work and dedication can lead to.

Tower Defenders game TRAILER

It has loading, matchmaking, universal chat, custom chat, custom mouse, custom leaderboard/playerlists, datastoring, animations, logarithmic leveling, Tower AI, Enemy AI, map voting, troop rallying, tower placing, UI interactions, screen-to-world UI, incredibly efficient and optimized AI, no memory leaks, lobbies, promo-codes, custom titles & unique image pins in chat, custom badges/achievements system, ban system, seamlessly looped music score, custom admin console, custom auto-graphic integration that seamlessly reduces intensive elements, feedback system, minimal server-load as most if not all graphics are handled on the client, many webhooks to the Discord server mainly for sales & bug/feedback reporting, terrain generation/degeneration, teleporting, CFraming, tweening, AI pathing, use of Roblox physics (such as BodyMovers), lighting manipulation, player abilities, there have been 0 complaints about data even after a year, and nobody has ever been able to create exploits. It is virtually impenetrable, filtering enabled, in-game currencies, and much, much, MUCH more…

Gif of one of our fans playing the new unique-to-Roblox gamemode, Player VS Player! Or watch the full video here!

TD is a monument to me being able to do pretty much anything. If you need something scripted, I can do it. Quickly, efficiently, and with a little extra pizazz! :grin:

I have also been working on another game recently which is more laid back for players and myself. It is marketed more towards kids and is a work-in-progress. But already features my most efficient code yet. It is incredibly smart and uses a pre-allocation method called Part Pooling or Part Caching.


I am almost always on my computer, either working on games or playing them. And I have a very flexible schedule, so this is unlikely to ever be a problem.

I am very picky on who I choose to work with, or on what project. But it never hurts to see for yourself and try me!


  • Robux
  • USD via PayPal
  • Commissions should be a flat amount, or mixed with revenue pay, hourly pay can be negotiated

Unless you have a good portfolio or a trustworthy history of success I am not interested in promises of revenue pay.


Feel free to contact me about anything with any of the handles below;

Thanks for reading! :grin: